The Emotion Code is a type of emotional release treatment that is quite specific. This simple yet transforming healing approach works by detecting bad emotions that have been held in the subconscious mind since you were in your mother’s womb.

These imprisoned emotions produce pain, self-sabotage, emotional issues, and a variety of malfunctions and diseases, including physical pain, rage, sadness, chronic exhaustion, PTSD, phobias, and anxiety attacks. 

There are 60 unpleasant emotions in all, and the subconscious is the blueprint for your entire body. The subconscious has knowledge that understands everything about you and why you experience certain conditions or react to certain events in the manner that you do.

The Emotion Code helps you release trapped emotions and regain your physical and emotional wellbeing. Here is everything you should know about The Emotion Code, trapped emotions, and how they work together. 


Trapped emotions are unpleasant emotional energy that we drag around with us from past experiences, traumas, or abuse. Trapped emotions can produce a wide range of “symptoms,” including health issues as well as problems in relationships, careers, or achievement. They have the power to keep individuals from discovering genuine joy and affection, as well as to make them feel alienated or lonely.

Trapped emotions, like the remainder of the body, are comprised of energy and can have an impact on physical tissues, organs, and general health.

Trapped emotions can lead to pain, dysfunction, and even illness. Furthermore, repressed emotions can significantly impact how you think, make decisions, and respond to day-to-day situations.

Consider imprisoned emotions as energy balls that can become lodged in the body. Depending on the mood, they vibrate at various frequencies. Imprisoned emotions, or negative vibrations, can typically damage the area of the body where they are trapped, but they can also disrupt general balance and health.

Some causes and symptoms of trapped emotions are:

  • Bereavement of a loved one 
  • Divorce or relationship difficulties
  • Abortion or miscarriage 
  • Home, work, or long-term stress
  • Financial difficulty or physical disease
  • Internalizing your emotions 
  • Low self-esteem or self-sabotage 
  • Negative self-talk and thoughts about oneself/others 
  • Trauma, whether physical, psychological, or emotional
  • Abandonment, betrayal, or rejection
  • Abuse, whether physical, verbal, or sexual; neglect
  • PTSD / a traumatic incident of any kind


The Emotion Code is a powerful way for discovering and releasing trapped negative emotions which have been held in the body as a result of our subconscious brains’ attempt to shield us from additional pain. Emotions have a significant impact on the quality of our lives.

Low-frequency emotions such as fear and rage feel significantly different from high-frequency emotions such as love and appreciation. The latter produces the potent brain and heart coherence that governs our nervous system, provides balance, and helps our bodies to recover.

The higher our vibe, the better we operate and heal. That is how The Emotion Code energy healing may help treat physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and life-related problems! And science has agreed, with epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, and quantum biology discovering that happy emotions modify our biology at the cellular level. Negative emotions have the opposite effect on our body, mind, and soul.

Each emotion has a unique energy frequency. When emotional energies become lodged in the body, the frequency creates an imbalance that affects the organs and tissues or disrupts your entire energy field, ideas, and emotions.

Releasing stored negative emotions may aid in the removal of imbalances, enabling your body to repair itself and lead to a better and happier existence as you resonate more good energy!

Negative emotions may be released by permitting ourselves to experience them, but we seldom do so, so they get stuck. Fortunately, we can discover and readily release these imprisoned emotions using emotional release therapy, especially the Emotion Code approach.


Every bottled-up emotional energy has a purpose in your life. Each of them has had an influence on you in some manner. Each emanates from a unique moment or incident from which you or someone else witnessed and received or absorbed the energy. These energies touch us in a number of ways, causing a range of obstacles, problems, and sufferings, both bodily and emotional. 

Whatever their origins, they may have a significant influence on your life. The agony of imprisoned emotions may be severe at times! When there is substantial pain, you may uncover imprisoned emotions nested in the location of suffering.

Releasing imprisoned emotions restores the body’s equilibrium, allowing it to regain its full healing capacity. Using the Emotion Code, you may notice that physical and emotional symptoms disappear or become significantly less severe. 

Here is how trapped emotions are released using The Emotion Code. 


Your subconscious mind is your body’s super-intelligent computing system. It understands exactly what you require to attain balance in the five essential areas of health (physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, and intellectual). Your emotionally-releasing therapist will utilize their God-given intuitive abilities to communicate with your subconscious mind energetically. This will help you learn facts that only your subconscious mind can tell you.


After connecting to your subconscious energetically, your therapist will utilize specific questions, emotional charts, and muscle testing to get exact answers from your subconscious concerning abnormalities in your body that need to be rectified. These questions have been carefully crafted with the goal of eliciting the repressed emotions that are undermining your ideal wellness.


The Emotion Code approach blends cutting-edge therapeutic magnet technology with time-tested ancient medical principles to unleash trapped emotions or repair energy imbalances. Your therapist will free the stored emotions from your body through the force of intention and then verify the release.


Magnetic energy serves as a strong carrier for your therapist’s desire to restore physical and emotional equilibrium in your body. You may experience several instant or growing advantages after you are free of emotional traumas and empowered in your new condition of recovery.


Your body understands how many repressed emotions it can release and how they should be released. During your appointment, your therapist will help you in obtaining these answers from your body. In most cases, you will be able to recognize and release five to ten imprisoned emotions in a thirty-minute session. This is normal; however, you may discover that your body only allows you to release two or three emotions in a session, which is OK. Trust your body’s intuition!

When you have released everything your body can release in a session, you generally lack the capacity to be tested for a bit of time because your system is digesting and is in a situation of overload. When it happens, you’re done for the moment being, at least until the next session. This typically takes 1-2 days; however, it can take up to 4 or 5 days for some individuals. Throughout your session, your therapist will again assist you in obtaining these responses from your body.

Throughout the process of clearing emotional barriers from your energy system, your mind may respond in a number of surprising ways. You could cry, fidget, burp, puke, or itch yourself. You may feel the sentiments you’ve just cleansed in the hours or days after, which may seem like the very last thing you want, but this typically indicates that you’re organizing those feelings so you can move on. After removing an energy barrier, some persons have flu-like symptoms. Some people claim to feel lighter. All of these reactions are completely normal.

Each person’s journey is unique, from how many emotions they can discharge in a single session to how they feel afterward. The number of imprisoned emotions engaged in a single situation varies as well. The entire procedure is totally tailored to you.


The Emotion Code, like other modalities, may not be appropriate for everyone. It may not be the most outstanding solution for persons who prioritize introspection, for instance, because it frequently skips conscious understanding, eliminating emotional obstacles without thoroughly investigating them. If you’re not comfortable with energy medicine, you might want to try something else because the Emotion Code uses similar ideas to cleanse your energetic system.

Some users of the Emotion Code have claimed to feel worse instead of better after using it. This might be because energy obstacles are being cleared, which can cause old feelings to re-emerge for cleansing. Because your brain has to feel the emotion again in order to grasp it in a new manner, you may feel briefly worse after releasing a stored emotion. Furthermore, if your Guide released any “heart wall” held emotions, you may be experiencing feelings that you previously walled off.

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